понедельник, 28 декабря 2009 г.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear guys,

First let me congratulate you with the most waited holidays of a year! You know in Russia we celebrate our Orthodox Christmas on Jan 7. So it is a bit funny to look at my friends' reaction when they ask if I have celebrated my Christmas well and I honestly answer that I haven't ;)

And frankly (unfortunately) we do not celebrate Christmas as much as we do on Dec 31. Everything is just about this day - people have been preparing for this day for months! hehe Just to eat everything in 1 hour after a dinner begins what has been cooked for a whole day :D or what is more likely to continue eating salads from Dec 31 during first days of Jan ;)Both behaviors are so Russian! :D

I didn't cook these lovely salads my friend Ann did)

Due to our country was atheistic, so all religious holidays were not allowed :S But people can not live without celebrations (Russians especially ;) ) that's why New Year become instead Christmas) So these days Christmas is more about having a nice dinner with family (at my family we usually go to my Granny's place) and religious people go to church for a whole night. But hope thing are going to change and we soon will pay as much attention to such a saint day as Christmas is.

I grew up in the Buddhist republic so we also celebrate East Calendar New Year)) Oh, almost forgot, we Russians also celebrate Old New Year))) Before the revolution we used to have our own calendar. The difference between Russian and European calendar was 14 days. So the days we used to celebrated New Year by a new style is Jan 14.

Hehe now u know everything about Russian way to celebrate Christmas and New Year) Hope u have got something new ;)

After a celebration of the end of the exam session) At our university square.

Wearing: fur coat, H&M dress, Bronx boot from Finland, handbag bought in Slovakia, Calzedonia tights.

вторник, 22 декабря 2009 г.

My last days at school!

As I have already told you guys this year was my last one at the university. And I am happy to announce that I have passed all the exams we have! Actually I've got marks much earlier than official exams dates are and even without passing any of them. Don't know if this practice exists abroad but here in Russia it is called "an automate". You need to visit almost all lectures, give to a professors all the works and projects before deadlines and so on and in case you succeed you are given an automate, but it depends on a subject and a professor. So a main idea is to show a professor how good you are in his subject and he/she can be sure in your knowledge before an exam. But this module was just great for me and super successful! So here I am) The only things I have to do before the graduation are to pass a final exam (in the end of January), get an internship (until May) and write a diploma project. Still a lot to do but at a current moment I've done everything pretty good.

So here are some pictures have been made at our student cafe.


Jacket: bought in England (a gift)
Skirt: Sinequanone
Tank: dad's
Belt: Michael Kors
Tights: Nine West
Boots: bought in the USA probably Nine West
Watch: Marc Jacobs

Now my head is full of positive things like buying presents, sleeping well (what's pretty cool after a lack of time during the module), just enjoying my free time (yoga, figure skating) and ofc planning a trip I have in the end of December (actually in 6 days!).

Don't know why but these reindeer all the time I look at them make me just smile!

Guys, enjoy your time! And Merry Christmas!!!

четверг, 3 декабря 2009 г.

Cirque du Soleil


Yesterday was incredible! It was Cirque du Soleil (http://www.cirquedusoleil.com)!

These days they are in Moscow and we just couldn't miss such an opportunity to watch their show "Varikai" in real. You know it was definitely one of the best show I've ever been at. Everything was just perfect their artists, colorful costumes, first time in my life I saw really funny clowns (before their jokes were unfunny and stupid :( ).

So I feel that this show was kind of an excuse for all the previous wrong cirques I went when I was a child. That was much more than just a cirque show - it brought me back to my childhood, or to a fairy tail I would enjoy being a kid. But I also enjoyed it as an grow-up - their decoration, costumes and actors themselves (especially males) were just gorgeous! Here is my favorite one!

So if you have not visited their shows I strongly recommend you to do this when they are in your area!

Everyone have a good day!

воскресенье, 29 ноября 2009 г.

How the life is here...

I've been quite busy - so was absolutely no time for blogging. But finally I can breathe freely now! So my busy times came on Thu when we went out with my groupmates, it was one Cubian bar here, in Moscow. It is our last module at school so we try our best to meet more. That evening was so lovely - just to chill out, have some drinks, share last gossips ;) Shame, that day no one danced there!

And when I came home I decided to create a gift for my lovely friend Natasha (the next day was her Birthday). So I made a collage for her and went to bed very late. And the next day we left the city and went for a whole weekend to one my friend's summer cottage! Ooooo that was so cool! Laughing all the time, having fun and going to bed after 8 am and every day we wake up between 12 and 1 pm))) So no chance to sleep well)) But the best thing about that weekend was banya!!! It is Russian sauna))) And iced water and snow afterwards! It may sound crazy but it really helped me to recover from my getting cold ;)

And on Sunday I was home only at 10 pm, I was sooooo sleepy but I needed to make a manicure, 'cos it was completely destroyed! And the week started at 7 am for as usual, and on Monday our university turned to its 90! And thanks to our alma matter - they reserved one of the best night club to celebrate it! We all were so exhausted after our no-time-to-sleep weekend but there was no way to miss such a party!

So at 8 pm the party had been started! It was soooooo cool!!! So we easily were dancing till 4.30 am and after that we felt a bit tired (what a surprise!) and left to grab a cup of coffee. At 7 I arrived and decided not to sleep for a while through I had an appointment at the Embassy. So I got a visa (yes, I go to Brussels for this New Year Eve!) and only at 12 finally fell asleep, but at 4 was awake by a call and at 6 my yoga class started ) I like when I am so busy but those days were all about too much! Every evening after that I tried to do something and just couldn't! I wanted to sleep all the time :) But guess this time is about to end and I promise to blog more often!


воскресенье, 1 ноября 2009 г.

A new module


I am officially done with my exams (thank u, God!). And tmr is the first day of the second (and the last) semester for me at school. Kind of sad about it... You know it is time to make a really tough decision what to do afterwards: where to work (pffffff I have to find a place for my internship), where to live and so so on. But on other hand - I am completely free! I am single, about to finish my university, I can move to any city))) Think in years when I have a family, a job, a house I'll think about such opportunity with nostalgie )))

So this week was more about studying hard and a huge celebration on THU after the exam (well, only 5 ppl out 19 passed it!). And yesterday I went to my yoga class and to the ballet instead Halloween party, but no regrets)))

понедельник, 26 октября 2009 г.

Let me introduce myself ...

Hi Guys!

Can't believe, finally I have started my OWN blog! Kind of exiting about that ;) I've been reading other fashion blogs for years now, and have been thinking about bloging for a year at least) hehe lazy me :)

So let me talk about myself for a while. I am Russian (so I apologize for my poor English, actually it is one more reason why my blog is in English - consider that is a good way to boost my language skills), I love fashion and art, I am gonna use this blog as my daily diary to share with you guys my outfits, thoughts, must-have's, handmade ideas and inspiration! As a usual student I can't afford some expensive pieces so I prefer more budget opportunities. So be ready for advices how to look great but staying on budget! ;)

A bit more about my hobbies) I love to read, especially Russian classic literature and historical novels, I do figure skating, like to go to the theatre (I prefer ballet), 'm kind of interested in politics, I used to knit and cross-stitched, ofc I love to go to the cinema, to design something my own, and did I mention that I am shopping-addicted? :D I love all shopping from cosmetics to shoes, from huge malls to flea markets and threats :) And yes, I love to travel and to cook something special for my family and friends (not for myself - too lazy for that)!

This summer in Barcelona

Wearing: dress (H&M), sandal boots (Bershka), necklace (Stradivarius), bag (threats, Finland), watch (Marc Jacobs)

Il Duomo, Milan

Wearing: T-Shirt wearing as dress, leggings (H&M), jacket (Gina Tricot), brooch (handmade), sandal boots (Bershka), belt (Michael Kors), bag (threats, Finland)