вторник, 22 декабря 2009 г.

My last days at school!

As I have already told you guys this year was my last one at the university. And I am happy to announce that I have passed all the exams we have! Actually I've got marks much earlier than official exams dates are and even without passing any of them. Don't know if this practice exists abroad but here in Russia it is called "an automate". You need to visit almost all lectures, give to a professors all the works and projects before deadlines and so on and in case you succeed you are given an automate, but it depends on a subject and a professor. So a main idea is to show a professor how good you are in his subject and he/she can be sure in your knowledge before an exam. But this module was just great for me and super successful! So here I am) The only things I have to do before the graduation are to pass a final exam (in the end of January), get an internship (until May) and write a diploma project. Still a lot to do but at a current moment I've done everything pretty good.

So here are some pictures have been made at our student cafe.


Jacket: bought in England (a gift)
Skirt: Sinequanone
Tank: dad's
Belt: Michael Kors
Tights: Nine West
Boots: bought in the USA probably Nine West
Watch: Marc Jacobs

Now my head is full of positive things like buying presents, sleeping well (what's pretty cool after a lack of time during the module), just enjoying my free time (yoga, figure skating) and ofc planning a trip I have in the end of December (actually in 6 days!).

Don't know why but these reindeer all the time I look at them make me just smile!

Guys, enjoy your time! And Merry Christmas!!!

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