вторник, 16 марта 2010 г.

Spring in Moscow

Hey everyone!

I am back to Moscow. And now my main goal is to finish my thesis as soon as possible. So not much is going on around. Just want to share some pictures that were made a few weeks ago ;):

Once at uni with my groupmates :)

H&M sweater, dress (from the States), necklace (from etno music festival - handmade, Bronx boots, Calzedonia tights.

Spent a weekend at my friend's place - was so much fun! And Nadya and her brother collect jewelery, a real treasure! I felt like a kid at the candy store :D

Went out for a whole night... ice-skating! Was so nice, but - the rink was closed at 4.30 am and subway is opened at 5.30 am! And it was freezing outside like -18C I believe. And the only possibility to get warm was a supermarket :D So that was the earliest shopping ever! :D

- vintage dress, fur gloves, DIY scarf.

At the cinema with my cousin, and friend, and the lovely flower I got for Women's Day :). Alice in Wonderland (3D). I even made a headband to match my role of Alice :D

H&M sweater, DIY headband, Marc Jacobs watch, necklace (bought at the flea market in Stockholm).

Have a good day! :)