четверг, 18 февраля 2010 г.

My winter break

Hey guys!

Sorry, I've ot bloged for a while. Now I have so much to tell but lack of time doesn't let me do that. So this post is gonna b pretty short ;)

Finally I am done with my state exam, so the only thing I need to graduate is to write my diploma project and to present it in June. But after Jan 27 (the exam day) the only thing I've done is having rest.

Now I am at my home town spending time with my family - pretty cool actually + plus some stuff I had no time to do in Moscow - hospitals, hair stylist. Sometimes help my aunt at her office ;) And ofc I couldn't miss a chance to meet my God son! He has learned so much since the last time I saw him (in August). For example, he can charge a cell-phone and every morning kisses my sister :D And says mamma, daddy, hello granny :D

Thanks God it is much warmer now here just -20'C, but when I flew it was -46 -53'C. Too cold after Moscow!

Yesterday went to a musical concert of Yat-Kha group. They play etno rock, I am a fan of them. Also the leader of Yat-Kha is my uncle ;) But it is not the reason why I love their music - they sing mainly in Tuvinian, English and Russian. So I was very glad that the concert was while I am home) Was pretty cool!

Next week I fly back to Moscow) So everyone have a great weekend!