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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear guys,

First let me congratulate you with the most waited holidays of a year! You know in Russia we celebrate our Orthodox Christmas on Jan 7. So it is a bit funny to look at my friends' reaction when they ask if I have celebrated my Christmas well and I honestly answer that I haven't ;)

And frankly (unfortunately) we do not celebrate Christmas as much as we do on Dec 31. Everything is just about this day - people have been preparing for this day for months! hehe Just to eat everything in 1 hour after a dinner begins what has been cooked for a whole day :D or what is more likely to continue eating salads from Dec 31 during first days of Jan ;)Both behaviors are so Russian! :D

I didn't cook these lovely salads my friend Ann did)

Due to our country was atheistic, so all religious holidays were not allowed :S But people can not live without celebrations (Russians especially ;) ) that's why New Year become instead Christmas) So these days Christmas is more about having a nice dinner with family (at my family we usually go to my Granny's place) and religious people go to church for a whole night. But hope thing are going to change and we soon will pay as much attention to such a saint day as Christmas is.

I grew up in the Buddhist republic so we also celebrate East Calendar New Year)) Oh, almost forgot, we Russians also celebrate Old New Year))) Before the revolution we used to have our own calendar. The difference between Russian and European calendar was 14 days. So the days we used to celebrated New Year by a new style is Jan 14.

Hehe now u know everything about Russian way to celebrate Christmas and New Year) Hope u have got something new ;)

After a celebration of the end of the exam session) At our university square.

Wearing: fur coat, H&M dress, Bronx boot from Finland, handbag bought in Slovakia, Calzedonia tights.

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