четверг, 7 января 2010 г.

Merry Orthodox Christmas!

Hey guys!

Isn't that good that it is the third post I start with a wish? ;) Probably the best best way to prove that we Russians like to celebrate :D

A quick pic in the supermarket :P

Today it the best holiday of the year... Even if it is not about gifts but about thinking and keeping a look inside.

Btw I've cut a bang!It is a bit messy but just the way I wanted it to be. I am still growing my hair so it was cool to change myself even a little - I am getting bored to fast so I always need to change something! And hair was the easiest way to do that - I used to visit my hair stylist every 1,5 month to renew a color and to make a new haircut. But these days I'm back to my natural color (even if it took 7 months - it wasn't that easy to do, because before I had 3 colors coloration) so there is no need to go to the salon more often than 3 months.

Sweater - H&M
Dress - vintage
Tights - Calzedonia
Boots - Bronx (bought in Finland)
Necklaces - Accessorize, hand made.

And the weather really matches the day (at least it is not raining as it usually happens in Moscow during winter :) ).

There are some pictures of the day and from my one day trip to ones of the oldest Russian towns - Vladimir and Suzdal!

It was amazing! About 15 towns are included in Russian Golden Ring (one of the most popular route for tourists). And I've visited 4 of them so far ;) But it is not the end! Really look forward to go continue the journey! While I am a student and I have more time when I start to work - it is a great chance to travel, right? So I am gonna crab it!

And architecture was so great there! Mostly XV century. And all the pics below are made by in Suzdal.

Taxi for tourists!

Just love these sweet cats ;) It was pretty cold outside. Maybe they just tried to keep themselves warm but they looked like such a cute couple :)

And the best thing is that most of the prices are lower there than in Moscow! And there are some unique things to buy. Like this white faux fur hat I bought in Suzdal! Isn't it cool? Even my mom is exited about that (she hasn't seen it yet, but I described it in details through phone :D so she loves it!)

At traditional Russian tea house. I look so exhausted there, well I really was after 6 hours of walking!

Have a good rest of the day!

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