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My very own 2009

These days unfortunately I am not allowed to do as much as I would like to do - I am sick. But this experience pushed me to use my time more efficiently, enjoy being just by my own and so so on.

New Year is always about something new, making wishes and summarizing what happened this year. I also have something in my sleeve ;)

So ladies and gentlemen, let my present you the most important events of 2009!
My TOP is:

- 2009 will always stay in my memory as a year when my nephew was born! Before I had no idea how it is to have a baby. I was afraid of them, they annoyed me and I disliked all the stories that happy moms told about their brilliant kids. My last experience with babies was when I was 13 - my cousin was born but I didn't spend a lot of time with him. And it was not the same.

But this year - it was kind of revolution... I was so happy and honored when my sister Anya and her husband Zhenya asked me to be Vanya's God mother! I know it is a lot of responsibility and so on. But I feel so great about that) So I became a mother :) And the best thing ever is that Vanusha looks very similar to me and to my Dad. Gens really have their own play!

So thank you God for giving my family such a gift! Now all our lives are just spinning around OUR baby.

- 2009 was also a year of joy, adventure and traveling. This year came to my history as my ERASMUS year! I spent 5 months in Jyvaskyla, Finland. It was a definitely new experience - living in absolutely different environment!

Speaking 24\7 another language, not seeing a Family for long, having troubles with the university in Moscow. But I came through all these challenges and can say it was just unbelievable! Frankly I have never had so many parties, going out 5 times a week - hmmm already on Friday we felt so exhausted :D

But mostly that time was about meeting great people, getting new knowledge (I understood what field I'd like to work at), learning new languages, having a love story.

And it would be unfair not saying a word about the best professors ever: Juha and Kevin really rocked my semester - ofc the education at my own university is very strong (we are in TOP-2 among economical universities in Russia) but their educational system was completely different from ours. I am really happy that such wonderful people stepped into my life and I have very strong feeling that we will meet again! Miss you guys!!!

- And also 2009 was all about traveling! Here are just a few pics:

Lapland, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Stockholm, Sweden

Barcelona, Spain

Milano, Italy

Oslo, Norway

Bremen, Germany (hiding a message for my dear friend)

St Peterburg, Russia

Home, Siberia, Russia

- and last but not least - my studying at the university is almost ended... Feel so complicated about that. No more lectures :( Sounds weird. Final exam in Jan, diploma project in June - and that is it. I will miss my groupmates for sure ;)

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