воскресенье, 29 ноября 2009 г.

How the life is here...

I've been quite busy - so was absolutely no time for blogging. But finally I can breathe freely now! So my busy times came on Thu when we went out with my groupmates, it was one Cubian bar here, in Moscow. It is our last module at school so we try our best to meet more. That evening was so lovely - just to chill out, have some drinks, share last gossips ;) Shame, that day no one danced there!

And when I came home I decided to create a gift for my lovely friend Natasha (the next day was her Birthday). So I made a collage for her and went to bed very late. And the next day we left the city and went for a whole weekend to one my friend's summer cottage! Ooooo that was so cool! Laughing all the time, having fun and going to bed after 8 am and every day we wake up between 12 and 1 pm))) So no chance to sleep well)) But the best thing about that weekend was banya!!! It is Russian sauna))) And iced water and snow afterwards! It may sound crazy but it really helped me to recover from my getting cold ;)

And on Sunday I was home only at 10 pm, I was sooooo sleepy but I needed to make a manicure, 'cos it was completely destroyed! And the week started at 7 am for as usual, and on Monday our university turned to its 90! And thanks to our alma matter - they reserved one of the best night club to celebrate it! We all were so exhausted after our no-time-to-sleep weekend but there was no way to miss such a party!

So at 8 pm the party had been started! It was soooooo cool!!! So we easily were dancing till 4.30 am and after that we felt a bit tired (what a surprise!) and left to grab a cup of coffee. At 7 I arrived and decided not to sleep for a while through I had an appointment at the Embassy. So I got a visa (yes, I go to Brussels for this New Year Eve!) and only at 12 finally fell asleep, but at 4 was awake by a call and at 6 my yoga class started ) I like when I am so busy but those days were all about too much! Every evening after that I tried to do something and just couldn't! I wanted to sleep all the time :) But guess this time is about to end and I promise to blog more often!


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