понедельник, 26 октября 2009 г.

Let me introduce myself ...

Hi Guys!

Can't believe, finally I have started my OWN blog! Kind of exiting about that ;) I've been reading other fashion blogs for years now, and have been thinking about bloging for a year at least) hehe lazy me :)

So let me talk about myself for a while. I am Russian (so I apologize for my poor English, actually it is one more reason why my blog is in English - consider that is a good way to boost my language skills), I love fashion and art, I am gonna use this blog as my daily diary to share with you guys my outfits, thoughts, must-have's, handmade ideas and inspiration! As a usual student I can't afford some expensive pieces so I prefer more budget opportunities. So be ready for advices how to look great but staying on budget! ;)

A bit more about my hobbies) I love to read, especially Russian classic literature and historical novels, I do figure skating, like to go to the theatre (I prefer ballet), 'm kind of interested in politics, I used to knit and cross-stitched, ofc I love to go to the cinema, to design something my own, and did I mention that I am shopping-addicted? :D I love all shopping from cosmetics to shoes, from huge malls to flea markets and threats :) And yes, I love to travel and to cook something special for my family and friends (not for myself - too lazy for that)!

This summer in Barcelona

Wearing: dress (H&M), sandal boots (Bershka), necklace (Stradivarius), bag (threats, Finland), watch (Marc Jacobs)

Il Duomo, Milan

Wearing: T-Shirt wearing as dress, leggings (H&M), jacket (Gina Tricot), brooch (handmade), sandal boots (Bershka), belt (Michael Kors), bag (threats, Finland)

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  1. The Barcelona one is definitely the best outfit... brown can be worn only with brown ;) that's why the overall is nearly perfect :p

    why just nearly ??? because of the watch I think... no watch is better than the wrong one (for me) but I know you're a busy girl who can't seriously think about leaving her watch away :D

    ah ah really nice blog Tanuki ;) hope you'll do a better job than me :p 'coz mine is a bit dead atm :D

    Take care !